After the first round of COMPOSITION installations at KLEEMANN and Boston Scientific Limited, it was time to evaluate the components on site. At the end of July 2018, two sessions involving the Decision Support System and the Matchmaking Process took place, one on each shopfloor. HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) were tested by experienced workers in real operation conditions. Users answered questions about suitability, ease of use and component functionality and provided us with very helpful insights about the direction of further deployments.
“The app was easy to use during my working day and made my tasks easier” says a worker from KLEEMANN. “I get a nice feeling of both apps, but I also need less details to overview as a manager” says Mr. Aggelos Papadopoulos, who tried the apps from the manager’s perspective. At Boston Scientific Limited, the process technicians mentioned: “I like both HMIs, there are a few things to improve by the end of the project. We are looking forward to the next version of the tools!”