The last plenary meeting was organised by Tyndall National Institute in Cork in May 2019. All partners met to discuss the final stages of the project, to offer a webinar and to plan for the final evaluation and review.
The partners appreciated the Irish hospitality and the set-up, which facilitated the broadcasting of a live webinar organised by partner In-JeT. The webinar offered the partners’ expertise in:
– Using Deep Learning Tools for Factory Management
– Advanced Sensor Networks for Industry 4.0 Applications
– The Virtual Marketplace for Suppliers
– Using Blockchain Technology to Digitally Manage and Secure the Supply Chain.

The webinar has been archived and is freely available to watch. Information about the speakers and the presentation slides are shown dynamically in the player. It is also possible to select which presentation to watch, and the presentations can be downloaded directly from the player. We invite you to view the webinar at the following link