COMPOSITION successfully participated in the IoT Tech Expo in June 2019, in Amsterdam. The new sensors and tools of the project were shown in the exhibition. Partners CERTH, Nextworks and Atlantis were involved in the organisation of and participated in the expo.
The participation in the exhibition involved showcasing the COMPOSITION use cases to a relatively new audience. IoT Tech exhibitors and visitors were interested in the sensor part of the COMPOSITION use cases, where the relevant IoT technology is used, but also in the implementation of the IoT technologies in the project. They showed great interest in the use cases where combination between sensors and data analysis took place. The Predictive Maintenance use case was the proposed solution that attracted the most attention.
The exhibition, with the co-located interesting conference, appeals to an audience primarily from IT companies and organisations, and the project had the opportunity to meet participants, who were interested in finding a research solution and transforming it to added value