Milestone WP Due Status
 MS1 Industrial use cases and requirements defined and approved by users  WP2  M06  Achieved
 MS2 Software architecture defined  WP2  M10  Achieved
 MS3 Modelling notation and factory models defined  WP3  M15  Achieved
 MS4 Simulation environment and decision support system created  WP3  M30
 MS5 Security architecture defined  WP4  M12  Achieved
 MS6 Security and trust components developed  WP4  M24
 MS7 Data analysis tools developed  WP5  M29
 MS8 Interoperability requirements defined  WP5  M08  Achieved
 MS9 Integrated information management system completed  WP5  M34
 MS10 Core ecosystem components developed  WP6  M14  Achieved
 MS11 COMPOSITION ecosystem completed  WP6  M34
 MS12 Single technologies integrated into core platform proof-of-concept  WP7  M12  Achieved
 MS13 First iteration of platform deployed and evaluated  WP8  M24
 MS14 Final iteration of platform deployed and evaluated  WP8  M36
 MS15 Dissemination plan ready  WP9  M03  Achieved
 MS16 Sustainable business models developed  WP9  M24  Achieved
 MS17 Economic factors analysed  WP9  M25
 MS18 Exploitation scenarios defined. Exploitation agreement signed  WP9  M36