COMPOSITION partners attend conferences, workshops, exhibitions, etc.
Selected presentations from these events are available for download

Topic Event Author(s)
Manufacturing Decision Support INISTA 2019 KLEEMANN, CERTH, Atlantis Download
Data Analytics for Predictive Maintenance CAiSE 2019 Links, CERTH, Tyndall, Boston Scientific Download
Data Analytics Platform for Waste Management IoTI4 2019 CERTH, Links Download
Data Analysis Framework CARV 2018 CERTH/ITI et al Download
Deep Learning Techniques Intelligent Systems 2018 ISMB Download
IoT in Factories of the Future Intelligent Systems 2018 Fraunhofer Download
The COMPOSITION Marketplace  Intelligent Systems 2018 ISMB Download
Predictive Maintenance EuroMaintenance 2018 Atlantis, CERTH, Kleemann Download
Framework for Collaborative Manufacturing Ecosystems INCOM 2018 CERTH/ITI Download
Condition Monitoring and Asset Tracking (Poster) EnerHarv 2018 Tyndall Download
Framework and Deep Learning Toolkit MCSI 2018 CERTH/ITI, ISMB Download
2nd IDSA Summit pitch IDSA 2019 CERTH/ITI, ISMB Download