WP1: Project management

General management of the project, ensuring a consistent high quality of work and focus on innovation. Lead is Fraunhofer FIT

WP 2: Use Case Driven Requirements Engineering and Architecture

Agile requirement engineering, specification and design methodology and coordination of design activities. Lead is In-JeT ApS

WP3: Manufacturing Modelling and Simulation

Manufacturing models and decision support system to support integration of lifecycle information. Lead is Center for Research and Technology Hellas

WP4: Secure Data Management and Exchange in Manufacturing

Security mechanisms for a COMPOSITION security framework for all authorised stakeholders in the supply chain. Lead is Atos Spain SA

WP5: Key Enabling Technologies for Intra- and Interfactory Interoperability and Data Analysis

Technologies for effective interoperability at all factory layers, combining work in WP4-5 for the IIMS platform. Lead is Istituto Superiore Mario Boella

WP6: COMPOSITION Collaborative Ecosystem

Design of a collaborative ecosystem for supply chain transaction and data sharing, combining WP3-5. Lead is CNet Svenska AB

WP7: Integration of Internal and External Elements

Integration of technology components from WP3-6 into systems for the use cases. Lead is Tyndall National Institute

Work package structure in COMPOSITION

WP8: Industrial Pilots and Evaluation

Demonstration of COMPOSITION technologies in two factory infrastructures, evaluation framework and user validation. Lead is KLEMANN Hellas ABEE

WP9: Business Models, Dissemination and Exploitation

Development of business framework and models, dissemination and exploitation of the results. Lead is Atlantis Engineering SA