In his presentation at the Energy Efficiency Conference 2019 in Athens, Mr. Angelos Papadopoulos (Group HSE and Technical Services Manager at KLEEMANN) explained how the Industry 4.0 solutions developed in the COMPOSITION project have the potential to improve energy efficiency in the industrial domain.
The recurrent annual meeting on energy efficiency was successfully completed for the seventh consecutive year, with a clear message for immediate planning and launching actions to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. Energy Mastering Practices in Buildings & Industry were the focus of this event. More than 180 senior executives participated in a fruitful dialogue triggered by presentations on the topical issues of energy audits and case studies of industry-leading companies and large building installations. At the same time, innovative technological solutions and systems have emerged that optimise energy efficiency with the associated benefits of, e.g., reducing operating and production costs and increasing competitiveness. The COMPOSITION solutions got the attention of the audience who was interested in hearing about the impact of the implemented solutions.

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