The Matchmaker is a core component of the COMPOSITION Collaborative Ecosystem, providing matching of the capabilities of buyers and sellers in the supply chain as well as ranking of offers during marketplace agent negotiations. To this end, both syntactic and semantic matching of manufacturing capabilities is applied to find the best possible supplier to fulfil a request for a service, raw materials or products involved in the supply chain.
For measuring the similarity among offers and requests, well-established weighted similarity algorithms and metrics are used. To address the objectives of COMPOSITION in the best possible way, these will be further extended, if needed. Different decision criteria for supplier selection according to several qualitative and quantitative factors are considered. Special emphasis will be given to dealing with the trade-off between performance and quality of matching, in order to provide responses in a reasonable time, while at the same time striving to minimise computational complexities. Check out more details, for example for the main classes of the Collaborative Manufacturing Services Ontology and Language, in deliverable D6.9 COMPOSITION Brokering and Matchmaking Components I’ from our knowledge sharing centre.