Tyndall National Institute hosted a 3-day energy harvesting workshop in Cork from 29 to 31 May. EnerHarv 2018, run by Tyndall and the multinational Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) featured demonstrations of new energy harvesting technology and examples of successful energy harvesting products already created. Around 100 invited delegates heard from speakers from Europe, Asia and the US, including Yogesh Ramadass, Director of Power Management Research and Development at Kilby Labs from Texas Instruments, and Eric Yeatman, Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London.
Partners from Tyndall and Boston Scientific Limited (BSL) presented the anticipated impact of COMPOSITION to the audience.
Tyndall is providing guidance on Wireless Sensor Network retrofit opportunities and in developing/selecting IoT hardware platforms for improving energy and resource efficiency in a medical device factory deployment in close partnership with BSL, Clonmel, Ireland. The two high-priority use cases selected are (i) sensors for tracking high-value assets (e.g., high-value component reels, test fixtures) and (ii) conditional monitoring of reflow oven fans for predictive maintenance. Potential annual savings of several hundred thousand Euro can be realised, when assets can be located at short notice, therefore minimising downtime and material value loss. Similar savings are possible, if fan wearout can be detected (using acoustic and power sensors) and predictive maintenance undertaken, again reducing downtime and material loss (scrappage from oven failure).