The ICT 2018: Imagine Digital – Connect Europe event took place in Vienna on 4 – 6 December 2018. The COMPOSITION project was among the co-organisers of the Networking Session “Federated Smart Factory Ecosystem”. The co-organisers were five Factories of the Future projects: Connected Factories (EFFRA), NIMBLE, vf-OS, DIGICOR and COMPOSITION. In itself, the organisation of the event was an excellent opportunity to strengthen the relations between the four projects and EFFRA. Moreover, during the event, the chosen session format encouraged the engagement of the participants who posed questions in two ways, via traditional direct interaction and via the Conference application offered by COMPOSITION. Additionally, participants filled in a questionnaire and thus provided feedback on their vision, opinions and demographics for the “Federated Smart Factory Ecosystem”.
ICT 2018 offered great opportunities for dissemination and networking for partners Fraunhofer, KLEEMANN Hellas, Atlantis Engineering, Tyndall Institute of Technology, CERTH-ITI, CNet and ATOS Spain.