Project partner ISMB plays a leading role in the research and application towards Industry 4.0 in Italy and beyond. Mr. Paolo Vergori presented the vision of ISMB and COMPOSITION for the Factories of the Future to local authorities representatives and around 50 entrepreneurs at an interview.

The event reaches a large audience and media attention. You can find the recording in Italian in the YouTube link. We suggest you to follow the complete event, but if you want to focus on the COMPOSITION dedicated part, hop to minute 19. Mr. Vergori also made three interviews for local and national televisions aired on the news on 06.03.2018 taking about the new interactions between machines and human.

This has been a very useful visibility opportunity for the project, reaching out to policy makers and to the general public. “It is important to share not only the technology advancements but also the real cases that we apply them, in our effort to shape Industry 4.0 in Europe and maintain a leading role in global industrial manufacturing in a connected world”, says Mr. Vergori.