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Solutions for future internet growth and sustainability will be addressed at the fourth Tyndall Technology Days, 11 October 2016, Croke Park, Dublin from 9.00am to 5.30pm, followed by a networking reception in the Croke Park Museum.

Tyndall National Institute will introduce COMPOSITION and the collaboration with Boston Scientific Limited Clonmel. In COMPOSITION, Tyndall will provide expertise on WSN technology to determine where wireless sensors can be retrofitted in factory use cases to gather data to optimise process and product flow as well as providing data for other stakeholders in the supply chain. This helps with inventory tracking, cycle time, agility and production planning based on various scenarios.

Supported by Tyndall, Boston Scientific Limited Clonmel shall provide intra-factory uses cases for the partners to trial the tools developed and determine their impact. Boston Scientific Limited Clonmel shall also leverage from Tyndall hardware, simulation tools and system integration expertise to assess what types of ambient energies are available in industrial applications and their potential use for self powering of wireless sensors.