The technologies will be trialled in two different factory infrastructures to demonstrate the different scenarios and the broad applicability of the platform: In the medical device production plant in Clonmel, Ireland owned by Boston Scientific Limited – one of the largest medical device companies in the world and in the lift production plant in Kilkis, Greece owned by KLEEMANN – a major lift company in the European and global market.

The first pilot focuses on the COMPOSITION system and the processes inside the production plant (the value chain). Here, the objectives are to optimise the manufacturing processes by exploiting existing data, knowledge and tools to increase productivity and the ability to adapt to the market.

The second pilot will concentrate on the interaction between different companies in the production, using the COMPOSITION system to optimise the logistics processes of waste management in the manufacturing of lifts. The objectives are to design and implement a technical operating system which connects the factory and its suppliers to optimise processes through new services and practises. Furthermore, it opens a new space for third party entities to actively interact in the supply chain, e.g., by providing services to improve cycle time, cost, flexibility or resource usage.