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Use cases for an integrated information management system

COMPOSITION has developed a set of use cases for connecting data within a factory and between enterprises for a more efficient and flexible production. The result is applied business intelligence and automated market collaboration. Data and services have become the key factor in manufacturing processes. The need to react on dynamically changing mark Boston Scientific's future front end for PCBA (Printed Circuit Board

The potential of COMPOSITION

COMPOSITION participates in several events to make the project visible and to collaborate with like-minded companies and organisations. On 17th May, partners Atlantis Engineering, Kleemann Hellas and CERTH-ITI participated in the Technology Forum in Thessaloniki, Greece to communicate COMPOSITION and its offerings. The main scope of the conference was to present technologies that could be used to produce innovative products and services to enhance growth of

Reports available for download

Dig into the use cases and requirements for an integrated information management system or read about opportunities and challenges within the factory environment. You can find, view and download public deliverables here. Additionally, COMPOSITION has submitted two publications for conferences. See which ones here.

Collaborating for IoT innovation

Researchers, industries and public administrations working with IoT technologies and applications were invited by Fraunhofer FIT to share knowledge, practices and ideas at the IoT Innovation and Networking Days, taking place on 22nd and 23rd May 2017 at the Fraunhofer premises in Sankt Augustin in Bonn. COMPOSITION was highly involved with two dedicated talks on the project and two presentations on the related topics: blockchain technology

COMPOSITION at the Smart Factory Conference

Aggelos Papadopoulos from KLEEMANN was invited as an expert speaker at the conference which took place at Maroussi Plaza in Athens on 22nd February 2017. Mr. Aggelos Papadopoulos, Technical Services Director at KLEEMANN HELLAS The main theme of the conference was the current status, challenges and opportunities of the new era of manufacturing; Industry 4.0, also known as the smart factory in which physical production

Visits to KLEEMANN and ELDIA facilities

To establish exactly where in the production that COMPOSITION can be of benefit, one must understand the existing processes. For this reason, all partners were invited on a guided tour around KLEEMANN’s and ELDIA’s facilities on 5-6th December. The first visit was to the Head offices of KLEEMANN and the manufacturing and storage facilities in Kilkis, Greece. KLEEMANN is a major lift company on the

Self-powered IoT devices

Powering the Internet of Things was a central theme at the Tyndall Technology Day which took place in Dublin on 11th October 2016. COMPOSITION was introduced as a key application area for energy harvesting. Dr. Kieran Drain, CEO of Tyndall National Institute (left) & Mike Hayes, Senior Programme Manager, Tyndall National Institute at Tyndall Technology Day with an IoT sensor (an indoor, solar

How can IoT improve manufacturing?

COMPOSITION was presented at the Swedish conference IoT for business on 27th October 2016 in Stockholm. The topic was how companies can improve their business with the use of IoT. Dr. Marc Jentsch from Fraunhofer FIT used examples from COMPOSITION to show how IoT can optimise the production processes, and enhance collaboration between different companies involved in the manufacturing process. The presentation was part of the

The launch of COMPOSITION: Ecosystem for optimising production and external collaboration in manufacturing

On 1st September 2016, the COMPOSITION project was launched. The aim is to develp a digital ecosystem which helps factories optimise internal production processes and external collaboration with suppliers by putting existing data, knowledge and tools into play. The technologies will be trialled in two different factory infrastructures. To increase productivity and quickly adapt to changing markets, manufacturers today must connect and utilise their

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